GenASiS (General Astrophysical Simulation System) is a new code being developed initially and primarily, though by no means exclusively, for the simulation of core-collapse supernovae on the world's leading capability supercomputers.

GenASiS is designed for modularity and extensibility of the physics. Presently in use or under development are capabilities for Newtonian self-gravity, Newtonian and special relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (with ‘realistic’ equation of state), and special relativistic energy- and angle-dependent neutrino transport—including full treatment of the energy and angle dependence of scattering and pair interactions. Early version of GenASiS' neutrino transport solvers have been subjected to almost every transport test problem we can find in the literature, including some we fashioned.

Written in Modern Fortran (Fortran 2003 and 2008) and designed with object-oriented paradigm, GenASiS is still currently under heavy development.


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GenASiS Basics, a sub-division of GenASiS, was released in 2015 with its accompanying paper and is available on GitHub.

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